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What do bed bug bites look like

Although bed bugs are small in size, they are able to be inspected by naked eyes by humans. When bed bugs infestation start, you will usually not know whether you are dealing with bed bugs or something else. The bite of bed bugs is mistaken by mosquito bite and is ignored by some people. The bitten wound of a bed bug looks reddish, swollen and a punctured spot in the middle of the wound that makes intense itching. But these insects do not transmit any diseases.

Bed bugs are present in places like hotels, apartments, houses, offices, other public places and even in buses and auto rickshaws. Determining the bed bugs can be accomplished by checking all the household articles like furniture, box springs, books, mattresses, cracks and crevices of the walls, behind the mirrors, behind baseboards. A dark region is the better place for these insects to settle in.

Bed bugs feed upon the blood of humans and animals and bite during sleeping hours at night. The bed bug bites appear initially as numerous reddish marks or red rashes which spread evenly on the skin. The bite will be seen in a linear pattern. In serious cases, you can observe the bumps on all over the body with allergic reactions. In some cases, these parasites strike upon the upper half of the body due to the attraction towards carbon dioxide a person emit during rest at night. Bed bug bite can be seen on the neck, arms, shoulders, and back of the body. But if you are having the rashes only on the legs and feet, then you are probably not dealing with the bed bugs.



How bed bugs look like

Bed Bugs


How to stop bed bugs from biting you

The following things not only reduce the chances of getting bitten but also minimize the chances of spreading of bed bugs to other parts of your house.

  • De-clutter the items thoroughly and clean the bedding and other areas  to get rid of bed bugs
  • As bed bugs are fast movers, throw all the cluttered things away in sealed plastic bags
  • Bedding and clothing should be washed in the hottest water possible at least 120 degree Fahrenheit temperature. Hot tumble drier, and direct sunlight is used for drying clothes, mattresses and other bedding
  • Clean and light colored sheets are used on bed to detect them easily
  • While removing, do not pull the sheets. Just roll them and put it in a plastic bag to collect all the eggs and bugs and dispose them outside
  • You can use ClimbUp Inspect Interceptor monitoring system (Insect trapping device) which is an effective barrier to stop bed bugs from biting. This system helps in making the bed bugs to fall to the center well


    What do bed bug bites look like

    Bed Bug Bites