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Bed Bug Hidden Spots

Bed bugs are the small, oval parasites that are present everywhere at homes, in offices and also in apartments, buildings and higienic environments. If you find bed bugs, try to find the hidden places where they are existing and try to keep them away from that premises by various treatments. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on human blood. The hidden spots of bed bugs are:

  • Bed,
  • Furniture,
  • Box springs,
  • Carpets
  • Behind mirrors and picture frames
  • Luggage,
  • Clothes,
  • Books,
  • Under baseboards,
  • Sofas,
  • cracks and crevices of the walls and other household articles.

To check the presence of bed bug, check on the walls or the bed with the help of magnifying glass as these insects are very small to see with the naked eyes. You can find the blood stains on bed sheets, black colored fecal matter of the bed bugs, eggs and shed skins. Sometimes you observe the bed bugs crawling on the bed sheets. They are nocturnal insects and bite any exposed areas of skin while an individual is sleeping. The most effective inspections are done by experienced and qualified pest control professionals to give a positive identification. As these insects have secretive lifestyle, they might go unnoticed even if they are present.

What to do if you think you may have bed bugs?

If you suspect that there are bed bugs in your sleeping areas, don’t go to another bed or sofa for sleeping. Do not go to stay with someone else as these may spread unknowingly. This causes them to get infested. During the treatment, stay in your home and in your own bed to kill bed bugs.

Prevention tips for travelers: If you are travelling, it is a good idea to inspect your hotel room for bed bugs as soon as you first enter the room. The hidden place might be behind the headboard or other locations like mattresses and bedding. Don’t bring your bags into the room until proper bed bug inspection is done. Do not place your luggage on the floor near the head of the bed as these insects might infest your luggage. It is a good idea to have a small flashlight when you travel, since the bed bugs might hide in darkest crevices of the room. An LED keychain makes a great bed bug inspection tool to find the hidden spots.

After finding the hidden spots, measures to treat bed bugs

If a room has bed bugs, clean the room and do not clutter like piles of toys, magazines or clothes as this cluttering gives more spaces for the bed bugs to hide. Wash and dry your bedding to kill bed bugs. Take extra care like vacuuming the bed bug areas like mattress, furniture, box springs, area where carpet meets the wall especially near the bed. Once you have completed vacuuming, take the vacuum cleaner bag immediately to a dumpster. You can use hand-held steamer to clean the mattresses and other things to kill bed bugs.

Recommended Inspection tool kit for finding hidden spots

A thorough inspection is important to detect bed bugs in the hidden spots, to determine the infestation of bed bug widely and to manage them in a best way. During inspection, move slowly without disturbing hiding bed bugs so they don’t scatter.


Detects bed bug hidden spots

Inspection Tool Kit

The recommended bed bug inspection tool kit used for checking hidden spots includes:

  • a lighted magnifying glass,
  • strong flashlight,
  • plastic bags with zip-top for collection of specimens,
  • screwdrivers for removing light switches or electrical plates,
  • cotton swabs for checking stains in crevices,
  • credit card tool for checking narrow spaces and pyrethrin or compressed air for flushing bedbugs from cracks and crevices.

10 Bed bug infestation hidden spots

  • Public Libraries
  • Retail Stores
  • Movie theatres
  • Planes, trains and buses
  • Day cares, schools and colleges
  • Place of worship
  • Business offices
  • Laundry facilities
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Consignment, thrift shops and yard sales

About Bed Bug

Information kit about bed bug symptoms
You feel pain and itching sensation, after these bed bug insects bite and rashes start appearing on the skin which is often misdiagnosed as allergic rash. So it is essential to confirm the cause and identify the bed bug bite symptoms. Small, red colored bumps or spots on the neck, hand, legs and face along with swelling are the most common sign. However, if there is severe itching then you must consult a doctor immediately. Bed bug bites may be neglected and go unnoticed for mosquito bites or other types of rash or skin conditions, as they are difficult to distinguish from other bites.

Information regarding bed bug stains ; 5 steps to get rid of bed bug stains on the hidden spots

  • After the discovery of blood stains, bed bug stains and fecal matter stains, blot the spots with cold water immediately as warm water sets stains
  • Lift the stains out of your mattresses, sheets, pillows cases and comforters with the help of hydrogen peroxide and dab the stains. It even works on walls, carpets and floors
  • Use dry wash cloth to pull the moisture spots out of the mattresses fabric
  • Put your pillow cases and sheets in the washer for 30 minute wash cycle to get rid of bed bug stains
  • If you have damp mattress from all of that cleaning, you can dry it off with a hair dryer on low heat