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Do You Have Bed Bug Infestation?

How long do you think a bed bug can survive without food?

Take a wild guess …

You will be amazed to know. Female bugs can leave about 1 year without food! In fact, they live longer if they are starved. Strange…, but true.

I have sympathy for animals, but not for the parasites that suck the blood out of us every day and refuse to go away even if we starve them for a whole year! I mean, how can you stand uninvited these guests that will make our house miserable?

Now another surprise:

How many offspring do you think a bed bug can have?

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Bed Bug Resurgence – What Can You Do About It (Video)?

Bed bug infestation is a growing problem. Bed bugs are showing up in unprecedented numbers in United States and other parts of the world. Local authorities, University labs and private companies are gearing up to address this painful problem but there is lot to be done.

Companies are quickly coming up with innovative ideas to get rid of bedbugs. The traditional methods involved using sprays, chemicals, suction etc. Recent innovations use methods like extreme heat, cold, and sniffer dogs. If you are one of the bed bug victims, check out our Bed Bug Home Remedies book which explains the new cost effective methods to tread these bugs.

In this video report prepared by ABC news, you will see some of the newer methods to treat bed bugs. You will also see bed bug pictures, their movement, and effective ways to treat them. Watch this video, but don’t be surprised if the first 10 seconds feature a commercial!