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Encasements to spot bed bugs

The pest management professionals recommend high-quality encasements to keep the bed bugs in. This is highly designed and tested to be effective against bed bugs. If you are not having bed bugs, it is safe to encase the mattress to keep the bed bugs out of the box springs or mattresses, if they are somehow introduced by the various events.

Proactive use of Encasements

Scientifically proven bed bug encasements are used as early detection tool as a measure for trapping and preventing re-infestation of bed bugs. They play a vital role in bed bug management program. There is a buglock encasement product commercially available which were the first encasement specifically designed for spotting bed bugs. For the early detection of bed bugs, encasement can be used proactively. Once it is done for the mattresses and box springs, they are unable to get inside and infest the interior of the mattresses. They will be exposed to the outer environment with their movement restricted to smooth outer surface of the encasements. They can be visualized by naked eye. Some people intent on disposing the infested beds and replacing them with new mattresses and box springs. In this event, there are two steps to be undertaken.

  • During disposal period, avoid spreading of bed bugs
  • Protect the newly purchased mattresses and box springs from becoming infested

Use proper disposal method to dispose the infested beds. Care should be taken by sealing tightly enough to prevent further spreading of bed bugs. Heavy polyvinyl sheeting or shrink wrap are used to seal infested beds. Specifically designed disposal bags can also be used to dispose.

Encasements you choose should be bite proof (the bugs cannot feed through the material) as well as escape proof (the bugs cannot get in or out after covering). Unproven encasements give false sense of security and promote the survival of the bed bugs. In bug lock encasement, the area where encasement leads to failure is at the zipper end stop. If these zippers are not closed properly, then there is a chance of immature bed bugs escaping through the way of a closed zipper. A small opening will make them to spread everywhere by getting in and out of the encasement. Secure seal is another modification seen as an additional level of security. This locks the encasement in a fully closed position by using an electrical zip tie.



Encasements as a detection tool

Proactive use of Encasements for mattresses


Pros and Cons of using encasement for mattresses


  • Secure mattress encasement helps to protect the value of mattress or box springs
  • Encasement will make easier to inspect the bed bugs and remove them from the surface
  • If bed bugs are inside the torn mattresses, a secure encasements prevent the bed bugs from biting you by keeping them inside
  • If bed bugs are not in torn mattresses, these encasements will help to prevent them from setting up of harborage


  • Some styles of bed can’t be encased
  • As there is a possibility of the presence of bed bugs on the encasements, these encasements do not prevent bed bugs from biting you
  • If these bed encasements are torn or damaged, these give a false sense of security making the bed bugs to infest and feed continuously
  • If pet animal like cat is present, they may tear encasements and make it useless to ensure the harborage of bed bugs inside the mattresses.

Mattress covers and Box spring mattress – Product

Protect-A-Bed Aller-Zip bed bug mattress covers and box spring covers are the recommended choices of pest management professionals and hotels worldwide as it is of superior quality and 100% certified.
This BugLock Mattress Encasement is a full mattress encasement for total bed bug protection, laboratory tested and approved, and non-woven fabric, Features Miracle membrane on top surface and is waterproof, machine washable and tumble dry. It is a dust mite barrier, gives protection from allergies and is cool and comfortable to sleep on.


Recommended bed bug mattress encasements

Protect-A-Bed Aller Zip