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How to treat and kill bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown, wingless, parasitic insects that survive on the blood of other animals. The particular species of bed bugs that live on human blood is called Cimex lectularius. Bed bugs are one of the oldest species of this planet and have survived through the evolution since millions of years ago.

Bed bugs have six legs and are sometimes confused with ticks

They are very difficult to spot because of their size and their rapid pace.

All bed bugs bite. But till now, they have not found to be carriers of any disease. However, the person who has been bitten by a bed bug may develop some reddish rash or a bump for a few days. But many a times, people do not realise that they have been bitten by bed bugs as the bite is painless.

The bed bugs feed once a week. It is usually very active at nights and feed on blood when the person is asleep. It hides itself during the day time under beds, blankets, mattresses, behind furniture and switch plates and any other crack or a crevice. They can easily crawl through the narrow cracks because of their flattened bodies.

How Did the Bed Bugs Enter Your House?

Usually these bed bugs would have been carried from somewhere outside like hotels, hostels, modes of transport or any other public places to your house. There are also chances that they had already infested your house before you moved in.

You can follow some of the traveling tips to avoid the bed bugs:

It is not an easy to exterminate bedbugs completely. Here are the quick tips but if you want more details, refer to how to get rid of bed bugs article

  • When you check in a hotel room, check the luggage rack and the bed completely for the existence of bed bugs.
  • Always avoid keeping the luggage on the floor.
  • You can always seal your luggage in a Bugzip.
  • When you get back home, do not bring the luggage into contact with any of the clothes in the house. Wash the clothes in your bags and then use them. Also, give a check to your luggage to see if there is any bed bug on it.

There are five stages of maturity for the bed bug. An adult bed bug can live for a year or more. It can stay without feeding for about eighty to one hundred forty days.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

You do not have to dispose the beds and the mattresses that have been infested. After the treatment and after checking thoroughly that there are no more bed bugs in them, you can enclose them in different encasements.

You can apply a bit of Vaseline to the legs of beds as they cannot crawl on polished surfaces. You can also place them in metal jars as they cannot climb the metal surfaces.

De-clutter your house as much as possible. Vacuum the entire house thoroughly especially the beds, mattresses, blankets and so on.

When you purchase second-hand furniture, check thoroughly to see any infestation of bed bugs.

The best solution for the problem of bed bugs is to approach the professionals because they will know how to handle these parasitic insects and will initiate the removal process effectively. Call a licensed pest control professional as they will know the right pesticide and the right way to use it. Do not try anything on your own as it might have hazardous effects. Sometimes one cycle of treatment may not be enough for heavy infestations of bed bugs. The pest control professionals might have come again to completely eliminate the blood sucking insects.

Keep yourself safe when the pesticide is applied. Keep the kids away from home when the pest control operation is carried out.

There is nothing to fret and fume if you find these bed bugs in your homes. Professional help is just one call away and your home will be completely bed-bug free.